TeaTimeSunday / SONNETS
To yelnif, for Joss who cares,
regarding Tara

RE: The Death-of-Tara Controversy/Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

rhetorical verse in Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 4-sonnet sequence)


{TTS/062302_01.01} MY NAME IS MOON PIE NIGHTINGALE, Esquire.

{TTS/062302_01.02} I represent my client, Mr. Joss.

{TTS/062302_01.03} (If I don't call him that, he said he'd fire

{TTS/062302_01.04} my lawyerly sweet ass as quick as floss.)

{TTS/062302_01.05} Excuse my backwoods tongue -- like honest Abe

{TTS/062302_01.06} I speak the truth . . . wrapped up in humble roots.

{TTS/062302_01.07} And though my country lawyer astrolabe

{TTS/062302_01.08} is misaligned . . . I'm never in cahoots . . .

{TTS/062302_01.09} . . .with lying scum because they have my fee.

{TTS/062302_01.10} Joss Whedon's rich enough to buy some lies,

{TTS/062302_01.11} but lyin's what you'll never get from me.

{TTS/062302_01.12} (Like city slickin' lawyers I despise)

{TTS/062302_01.13} So rest assured my speech for Joss is true.

{TTS/062302_01.14} (I'll teach Forensic P. a thing or two.) {g}

{TTS/062302_02.01} ENOUGH OF LOLLYGAGGIN' . . . Here's my brief:

{TTS/062302_02.02} My client, Mr. Joss wants you to know

{TTS/062302_02.03} he's heard your cries of pain. . . He feels your grief.

{TTS/062302_02.04} He does NOT think, "It's just a TV show."

{TTS/062302_02.05} DOES ANYONE more understand that fact

{TTS/062302_02.06} than he who birthed it twice to get it right?

{TTS/062302_02.07} The television version, so compact,

{TTS/062302_02.08} would fix the movie's problems. . . Joss would fight . . .

{TTS/062302_02.09} . . . all forces that got in the way of art

{TTS/062302_02.10} to bring the Buffy miracle to life.

{TTS/062302_02.11} No, Joss would never tell you he's that smart.

{TTS/062302_02.12} God blessed both pudding and the pudding-wife.

{TTS/062302_02.13} The tasty blend beyond our wildest dreams.

{TTS/062302_02.14} I guarantee this man has heard your screams.

{TTS/062302_03.01} THE YOUNG GAL 'CROSS THE OCEAN who's so hurt

{TTS/062302_03.02} she'd send my client on a trip to hell:

{TTS/062302_03.03} Let's pause to cheer a youth who can assert

{TTS/062302_03.04} her point of view. . . . So clearly said it well.

{TTS/062302_03.05} THOUGH I WOULD DISAGREE he's earned that trip,

{TTS/062302_03.06} my client was impressed. . . and sends his praise.

{TTS/062302_03.07} If all the folks who yearn to give him lip

{TTS/062302_03.08} spoke with her forcefulness, he might well braise . . .

{TTS/062302_03.09} . . . on brimstone fires . . . because God would assent

{TTS/062302_03.10} to such a choir of angels blaming him

{TTS/062302_03.11} for suffering that was no accident,

{TTS/062302_03.12} but rather by a selfish artist's whim.

{TTS/062302_03.13} WELL, that sounds pretty bad, I must admit

{TTS/062302_03.14} SO let' all take a break to chaw and spit.


{TTS/062302_04.01} OK, WE'RE ALL REFRESHED. . . Let's wrap this up.

{TTS/062302_04.02} You've watched my client's show. . . You know his soul.

{TTS/062302_04.03} THOUGH WE ALL CHEER that spunky English pup,

{TTS/062302_04.04} THIS IS A CASE where we should take a poll.

{TTS/062302_04.05} JUST RAISE YOUR HAND if you think Joss should fry

{TTS/062302_04.06} in Satan's kitchen for the tale he told.

{TTS/062302_04.07} HE IS THE STORYTELLER . . . He's the guy

{TTS/062302_04.08} who has to weigh the pathways . . . Then be bold . . .

{TTS/062302_04.09} . . . enough to lay his judgement on the line.

{TTS/062302_04.10} HE KNOWS he won't please ev'ryone. . . but still

{TTS/062302_04.11} he must go to the cellar . . . pick the wine

{TTS/062302_04.12} that best completes his pallete. Come what will.

{TTS/062302_04.13} Dear English lass who sings with grace and style,

{TTS/062302_04.14} your loss of Tara will fade mile by mile.

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