TeaTimeSunday / SONNETS
Jesus is a "Pomo" ... and other
absolute truths of postmodernism

rhetorical verse in Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 4-sonnet sequence)



{TTS/071402_01.01} TO BE POSTMODERN MEANS to understand

{TTS/071402_01.02} that ev'ry person's vision is constrained --

{TTS/071402_01.03} AND SO, YOU ASK: What's on the other hand?

{TTS/071402_01.04} HOW MUCH of what you think is true's ingrained?

{TTS/071402_01.05} IF WE READ that some scientist reports

{TTS/071402_01.06} some drug's "a miracle" (like Premarin) --

{TTS/071402_01.07} POSTMODERNS ASK: Please tell me who supports

{TTS/071402_01.08} this research. Are there TRUTHS that underpin . . .

{TTS/071402_01.09} . . . the findings? OR has SCIENCE been abused?

{TTS/071402_01.10} A WORD we have been trained to bow before.

{TTS/071402_01.11} "The TRUTHS of SCIENCE cannot be refused."

{TTS/071402_01.12} POSTMODERNS ASK: Has SHE become a whore?

{TTS/071402_01.13} TO BE POSTMODERN MEANS you always ASK

{TTS/071402_01.14} if what you think is TRUE . . . may wear a mask.


{TTS/071402_02.01} "[T]he News That's Fit to Print" (not "some," but "ALL"),

{TTS/071402_02.02} declares The New York Times... And WE all laugh.

{TTS/071402_02.03} Postmoderns often laugh. We have a ball.

{TTS/071402_02.04} We cackle at each silly paragraph ...

{TTS/071402_02.05} ... the serious purveyors of THE TRUTH

{TTS/071402_02.06} serve up with eyebrows raised, and nose turned down

{TTS/071402_02.07} with scowls for ev'rything to them uncouth --

{TTS/071402_02.08} unfitting for a Harvard cap and gown.

{TTS/071402_02.09} YET, buried in gray fairy tales you'll find

{TTS/071402_02.10} some pieces to collect and rearrange . . .

{TTS/071402_02.11} to SEE the picture hidden from the blind

{TTS/071402_02.12} in headlines holding fast ... resisting change.

{TTS/071402_02.13} THE RUT that seems like TRUTH ... DEFINES "what fits."

{TTS/071402_02.14} POSTMODERN folks SEE what The Times omits.


{TTS/071402_03.01} I'm harsh because such ARROGANCE deserves

{TTS/071402_03.02} the mockery postmoderns do so well.

{TTS/071402_03.03} THAT'S WHY stiff MODERNISTS name-call us "pervs."

{TTS/071402_03.04} Say "pomo" (sounds like "homo") ... Say we smell ...

{TTS/071402_03.05} ... of fetid rel'tivism... THAT'S THEIR CLAIM.

{TTS/071402_03.06} The crime we "awful pomos" spread each day

{TTS/071402_03.07} corrupting youth with questions ... "We're to blame

{TTS/071402_03.08} for evil" 'cause we try to SEE the way ...

{TTS/071402_03.09} ... the "evil-doers" see our righteousness.

{TTS/071402_03.10} OUR CRIME is our "betrayal" of our tribe.

{TTS/071402_03.11} Disloyalty... Creators of the mess

{TTS/071402_03.12} the world is in.... How DARE we weigh each side?


{TTS/071402_03.14} Dear modernists, that sounds "pomo" to me.


{TTS/071402_04.01} Dear Jewish friends, I'm sorry for the path

{TTS/071402_04.02} this verse takes now... but this is MY belief.

{TTS/071402_04.03} My duty is TO LOVE ... Belay all wrath.

{TTS/071402_04.04} ACCEPT the blow... and GIVE more to the thief.

{TTS/071402_04.05} Good Lord! Christ was "uncouth" ... he makes no sense

{TTS/071402_04.06} to human wisdom ... justice ... He's beyond

{TTS/071402_04.07} postmodern to posthuman ... DID YOU WINCE?

{TTS/071402_04.08} Have I said things of which you're not too fond?

{TTS/071402_04.09} THE PRESIDENT's a CHRISTIAN... so he claims.

{TTS/071402_04.10} John Ashcroft PRAYS so much his pants uncrease.

{TTS/071402_04.11} THE TRUTH: Our worldly power kills and maims...

{TTS/071402_04.12} Demands immunity ... a PRE-RELEASE:

{TTS/071402_04.13} "America, The Just, Is Always Right."

{TTS/071402_04.14} Pomos and Jesus say: "That's not airtight."

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